Our Story

Classic Watch Men was founded around a single principle - revelling in the engineering and design quality of a well made watch.

Beauty of engineering, the technical excellence and innovation of mechanical movements that look entrancing and perform well, matched with pleasing visual and tactile design.

Materials, craftsmanship, elegance, engineering, design, color, texture, movement, style, professionalism, finish, polish, tactile feel.

The back of a watch should be as enjoyable to explore, as the front is enjoyable to view as the weight of the body and the texture of the strap is satisfying to wear.

A great web store is like a good watch - a mix of inner technical excellence and outer visual style .. maybe thats why we settled on a classic Watches site as the first tiyuti.com PhoStore demo web store.

About Us

Gord and Paul - aka "Team Tiyuti" - are a couple of tech guys located in Melbourne Australia.

Basically we are math, art and software geeks who wanted to make something cool.. and useful.

We started with a little list demo - PhoTree - a way of getting your stuff up on the web quickly.. and then we had a friend who had a web store with a few problems...

It dawned on us we could use PhoTree as a way to manage the product lists, put a nice front end up and we had a basic working web store. This approach was simple and easy, making it quick to get a store up and running. We kept tweaking things and PhoStore emerged.. the whole process felt more like a discovery than an invention - as if it was always going to be found.

Making a web store should be a simple and fun creative process - send us an email at support@tiyuti.com and we'll get you up and running.